Sales Management

If sales is the engine that drives business, sales management is the mechanic that keeps that engine running.

It is easy to see why sales management is regarded as one of the most important functions in business. Yet, challenges directly attributable to poor sales management often top the list of obstacles to growth in many businesses today.

Ineffective sales leadership is costly. It causes low morale, employee turnover, and missed revenue opportunities, which limit the capital available for further R&D and marketing to drive future growth.

Why Is Sales Management So Challenging?

Proper sales management begins with planning and ends with effective execution. Top-performing field sales managers know how to adjust their leadership style to compensate for the varying strengths and weaknesses of the sales professionals they manage.

They also work to develop the skills of their salespeople will need in the future without sacrificing immediate sales opportunities. The seemingly never-ending task of recruiting, interviewing, hiring and training new salespeople adds to the complexities of the sales manager’s role.

One Size Does Not Fit All

Sales management challenges exist for both start-ups and established business, but they change as the business grows. The demand for a start-up to “gain traction” is different the pressure on an established business to increase market share​ and adoption within an organization.

Sales managers often face an ever-changing competitive landscape. They must adapt in order to compete or face the consequences. How well they train their team to win sales against low-cost off-shore providers or much larger competitors with greater resources makes the difference between simply treading water and blowing away their sales quota every year.

How It Works

Every business has a unique set of requirements, value propositions, cultural issues, financial and geographical constraints. We employ a situational approach toward assessing and addressing the obstacles that impede your sales growth and stand shoulder-to-shoulder with you to overcome them.

Every engagement begins with a thorough understanding of your sales management practices and how they fit into your overall business ecosystem. Every client is different. Whether your business needs “on demand” support for your existing sales management or even a complete sales management outsourcing solution, we are able to deliver a custom solution that will result in profitable sales growth.

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