Sales Coaching

Every top performing athlete has a coach. In fact, many have several coaches. Professional golfers have a swing coach, a strength coach, and even a mental coach to help them deal with the pressures of performing in the public spotlight.

Why Is Sales Any Different?

Top performing sales professionals are not satisfied with past accomplishments. They are driven to beat last year’s numbers and to be the top sales rep in their company and even their industry. However, that is not always easy.

Just like in professional sports, sales professionals can benefit from an outsider’s perspective on their performance. Some may think they get that input from their sales manager, but your sales manager can only help if they know what is really going on.

Confidentiality and Accountability

It is hard to be brutally honest with your sales manager for fear it may change their perception of you. Nobody wants to admit to their sales manager that they are slacking off on their prospecting activity or losing focus during lengthy sales calls because they’ve been feeling cocky or pressures at home are weighing on their mind.

As your sales coach, we serve as a private, impartial and brutally honest advisor that you can be honest with about your sales activity, workplace frustrations, and challenges with specific sales opportunities. It is our job to help you get past these issues and stay focused on exceeding your sales goals.

How It Works

We begin by evaluating your past performance, personality strengths, and current sales plan. We then hold a weekly call to discuss your attitude and performance and then remain available for quick email and phone check-ins when needed.

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