Prospecting can be difficult because we often experience a lot of rejection. It feels good when we find someone who is willing to speak with us about our product or service. However, just because someone wants to talk to you doesn’t mean you should talk to them.

That may sound harsh, but not when you consider a sales person’s most precious resource is time. You only have so many hours in a day, week, month, and year to find, sell, and onboard high quality business. Investing time in people who are not a good fit is a waste of your time and theirs.

Many salespeople approach conversations with new prospects as if they are begging for a few minutes of the prospect’s attention. Instead, we need to develop a mindset that we are experts and our time is valuable. While we certainly often have to initiate contact, as soon as we do, we should be asking whether this prospect is worth investing our precious time.

Some people (including us) are lonely and other just like talking, but just because someone is willing to talk with you doesn’t make them a good prospect for you. You need to decide what problems you solve and the characteristics of your best prospects and decide if the prospect you are speaking with is a good fit.

You don’t want to be rude or abrupt, and you should always try to be helpful, as you never know who they know or when your paths may cross again. In fact, you may decide to spend time with them just to be helpful, it’s just that you need to be clear whether this prospect is a good fit for your product or service or not.

Top performing sales professionals know how to recognize good prospects. We look forward to hearing how you qualify new prospects in this weeks meeting.


How do you qualify new prospects?

What do you do when you realize someone is not a qualified prospect?

Have you ever deluded yourself into thinking someone is qualified? How did it feel?


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Happy selling this week. Remember, it’s an abundant world so focus on building value and detach from the outcome.