But, you still need to do it.

Do you want to make more money this year and feel great about yourself? Of course you do!

Does prospecting help you to earn more money? Of course it does.

When you finish a prospecting session don’t you always feel better about yourself? Of course you do…

If prospecting will help you make you more money and feel better about yourself, then why do so many sales people find it hard to sit down and do it on a regular basis?

Pain vs. Pleasure

The answer is pretty obvious. In order to gain the pleasure of making more money and feeling great about ourselves, we have to endure the pain of picking up the phone and calling people who are not expecting our call and we have to go to events where we don’t know a single person.

In short, our fear of rejection is more powerful than our desire for money and self-esteem.

The Lies We Tell Ourselves

Nobody wants to say to themselves or others, “I decided not to prospect today because I care more about not being rejected than I do about increasing my income and feeling a sense of accomplishment.”

Instead, we make excuses, and the number one excuse we make is, “I am too busy to prospect today.”

There’s A Simple Solution

One simple and effective trick to overcome the “I am too busy” excuse is to block out at least one hour each day for new business development prospecting activities.

In order for this to work, we need to treat this appointment with ourselves with the same respect we would an appointment with another person – by showing up on time and staying focused and engaged until the end.

If a prospect requests to meet or speak with you at same time you have scheduled your prospecting, then you should reschedule your prospecting block for some other time that same day.

If you miss a day of prospecting due to procrastination, or because you are traveling or in meetings, then you should reschedule the missed prospecting for the next day. This will send a message to your subconscious that skipping or missing today will just double your work tomorrow.

One Tiny Loophole

If you are just totally burned out on calling strangers, give yourself a break and call existing clients and networking associates you have not spoken to in a while instead.

This is an important business activity that is often overlooked too, so this can count toward your prospecting activities. Just don’t make it an everyday occurrence or your pipeline will dry up and your network will get sick of hearing from you.


How effective is prospecting to cold leads and warm contacts for you?

How often do you prospect to cold and warm contacts?

What tricks d you use to motivate yourself to prospect regularly?


Happy selling this week. Remember, it’s an abundant world so focus on building value and detach from the outcome.

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