Many people don’t understand LinkedIn, and are missing a great opportunity as a result.

Most people view LinkedIn as a place to advertise their personal resume to prospective employers or as a target rich environment to connect with potential prospects. LinkedIn is certainly both of these things, but it is also something much more.

In order to attract more attention from its users and thus increase its value to advertisers, LinkedIn has evolved from a resume and prospect database into a bonafide social network and media platform. Just like Facebook and Twitter, LinkedIn needs content to attract the audience advertisers demand.

This is why LinkedIn allows anyone to publish content in the form of articles, presentations, and videos. LinkedIn will then promote that content in the “home feed” of the people in your network, who, in turn, may share it with people in their network.

If your content is really good, LinkedIn will even share it with people outside of your network possibly attracting hundreds or thousands of readers and new contacts for you.

Why publish on LinkedIn?

One thing you should understand though is publishing content is probably not going to make your phone ring with prospective customers wanting to buy your service. That may happen, but usually only after consistently posting and building an audience over the course of years.

You may think that publishing content is a waste of time. You may be right, but chances are, you’re wrong. Here are just a few of the benefits of regularly posting on LinkedIn.

1) Online Reputation

Where do your prospects go when they want to learn more about you before doing business with you? That’s right, they Google you.

Which website do you think consistently ranks in the top 5 when people Google your name? That’s right, LinkedIn.

As obvious as this may be, it’s amazing how little time professionals spend building out their LinkedIn profile. Before you start publishing on LinkedIn. You ought to take a moment to tune up your public profile.

We don’t want to spend much time in this post discussing how to optimize your LinkedIn profile. Just Google “How to improve my LinkedIn profile” and you’ll find everything you need. Here is one helpful article to get you started.

2) Expert Positioning

Imagine if rather than just finding your chronological work history, your prospects also found links to well-crafted content you posted that positions you as an expert in your industry.

If this content is then liked, viewed and shared by many people, it further underscores your expert status.

3) Visibility

We all want our customers and key referral sources to remember us, and yet we know that if we call or email them too often we will annoy them.

Since LinkedIn displays your content in the home feed of people you are connected too, publishing content regularly will help keep you top of mind.

Just be sure it is useful and well-written content. Unless you are a political activist or comedian, it’s best to stay away from controversial, inappropriate, or frivolous content, as you run the risk of doing your reputation more harm than good.

4) Build Your Email List

While you may not want to send too many emails to your list, you still need to build an email list. This enables you to remain in control of your communications in case LinkedIn starts to charge for that right in the future.

It’s important to offer people who read your LinkedIn posts a way to join your email list so they can be sure to receive similar content like this from you in the future. It’s not complicated, just add a link to your email opt-in form at the bottom of your post with a warm invitation to join your list.

5) Additional Opportunities

It’s important to realize that few marketing activities have direct results themselves, but instead it is the cumulative impact of all of your marketing activities that create those opportunities that seem to appear out of nowhere.

Becoming a highly visible expert in your industry will invariably create other interesting opportunities for you. You may be asked to speak at a conference, appear on TV, be interviewed on a podcast, join a mastermind group or industry leadership council.

All of these additional opportunities together will bring you more business and more pleasure from your career.


1) Has LinkedIn been helpful in your career? If, so, how?
2) What problems have you had with LinkedIn?
3) Do you have a paid LinkedIn membership? Why or why not?


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